L’été à Paris : Weeks 5 & 6


Phew, it has been a crazy past couple of weeks. From working like crazy to traveling and then dealing with the 100 F degree (40 C) weather in Paris, a city which does not have air-conditioning, these past two weeks have flown by. And I only have two left in Paris!

Week five was mostly spent working, and I had the opportunity to visit Versailles and le Petit Trianon with Maud! Le Petit Trianon is situated on the grounds of Versailles and is famous for being the secluded abode of Marie Antoinette (the 2006 film of the same name was filmed there). Marie was fascinated by peasant life and installed a quaint village called Le Hameau on the grounds. It was like stepping into a storybook (one that did not end well for its author).

Inside the little castle :

(as always click for close ups)

Le Hameau :

The Friday afterwards,  we went on a group excursion to Epernay, a town in Champagne. The region is the only place in the world where real champagne comes from and we were able to visit some of the firms and the vineyards. We also were privy to an exhibition by the Comité de Champagne, the official company of the beverage, as well as several taste testings.

The day afterwards, I visited the Grand Musée de Parfum (the Grand Museum of Perfume) with Maud, and ate at a restaurant underneath the store Guerlain. Not too bad for a Saturday.

The next week (#6) was one of the hottest weeks in French history. No exaggeration.  They call it a “canicule” (heatwave) and the whole city was melting, especially since few places have air conditioning and I have yet to see a ceiling fan. Maud and I spent most of our days working in a café because her apartment was too warm. I took a break from the heat of the city Wednesday and visited Seb in the outskirts of Paris where he had the one thing everyone was craving : a pool.

The heat finally died down the day that Maddie, Katie, Davis and I left for Saint Malo, Brittany. I had never visited that region and was quite surprised. The walled city was beautiful and reminded me of La Rochelle, as it sat along the water. We took advantage of the beaches, the nature and explored the city and surrounding areas.

We left our little piece of heaven Sunday afternoon and now it’s back to work!

Until next time!




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